Wednesday, May 18, 2011

'EP' by The Anthemeers

The Anthemeers are a rare occurrence among indie bands looking for a breakthrough in that they didn’t rush their first record out for the world to hear. They spent years recording, re-recording and honing their songs like daggers. EP has only six songs, but they cut deep.

The record’s opener, the haunting, slow-burning “Becoming Something,” begins with a murmur and builds into a dense, lyrical cloud of sound. Right away the band sounds big and lush and bright, and makes you want more.

What follows is an eclectic blend of folk, indie rock, spiritual and primal tunes ranging from the blues-tinged “Coyote” to the deeply-layered, symphonic “Peace.” Every track has a healthy dose of heart and care. You feel the work in the tunes, but you also feel something organic at work, a primal expression of a band in its earliest stages already grasping at bigger things.

EP is also unique among debut releases for another reason: The Anthemeers really sound like a band. The trinity of vocalists (Josh Jackson, Kevin Dixon and Nathan Huff) intertwines like brothers, and the sounds – ranging from the twang of a banjo to the hum of a tuba – all come together in a chorusing wall of sound that’s both synergized and delightfully odd.

EP is a portrait of a band that’s still growing, but already much further along than most acts in their league. Listening to it is hearing a band clawing toward transcendence, and very nearly reaching it.

EP is available now. To get the record or learn more about the band, visit

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